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Best Mezcal Joven
   Mezcal Joven    

Liqueur of the Year
Allegheny Distilling LLC
   Maggie's Farm Falernum

Best White Rum
Rhum Clement
   Rhum Clement Blanc

Best Overproof Rum
Rolling Fork Spirits
   The Lost Cask Collection Barbados

Best Vodka Cocktail
Heaven Hill Brands
   Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka + Soda

Best Rye Whisky (tie)
Kings County Distillery
   Empire Rye

Best Rye Whisky (tie)
Pinhook Bourbon
   Vertical Series Rye 7 Year

Best American Single Malt

Best Single Malt
Balcones Distilling
   Texas 1 Single Malt

Best Wheat Whisky
Heaven Hill Distillery
   Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey


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